Workshop on Validation of Merapi Contingency Plan

on December 20, 2019

Continuing the coordination process between related government sectors and institutions for the drafting of Merapi contingency plan in Sleman District, RedR Indonesia in collaboration with BPBD Sleman, Forum PRB DIY, and UNICEF Indonesia, held a Workshop on Validation of Merapi Contingency Plan on Thursday, 28 November 2019. The workshop aimed to validate the collected and discussed data since June 2019 to be included in the Merapi contingency plan document which are reliable and valid.

The process of validation ran smoothly, effective, and well facilitated. The workshop was proceeded with discussion and establishment of the Disaster Management Command Structure (Struktur Komando Penanganan Darurat Bencana/SKPDB) and group discussion. On the discussion session, the participants were divided into three groups: group 1 to draft the coordination scheme in SKPDB, group 2 to discuss the SOP in economic sectors namely for livestock, mining and tourism., and group 3 to have agreements on SOP of social and security sectors, including the implementation of education during emergency. Each group was facilitated by facilitators from the technical team of Merapi contingency plan. Moreover, BPBD Sleman representatives also joined and accompanied each group to discussed the group’s theme to keep in line with the current strategies.

Presented on the discussion session were Dinas Pekerjaan Umum, Perumahan, dan Energi Sumber Daya Mineral DIY, Dinas Penanaman Modal dan Perizinan DIY, Dinas Pertanian dan Ketahanan Pangan DIY, and Dinas Pendidikan, pemuda dan Olahraga DIY. The attendance of related government sectors was significance towards the drafting of emergency response SOP. As the result, SOPs on mining, tourism, livestock, education, health, and security in emergency have been developed by the workshop’s participants accordingly.

As of 51 participants were attended the workshop with similar composition from the previous workshop. The participants were coming from government sectors and related institutions in Sleman District, included the representatives from DIY province government. The Update of Merapi Contingency Plan project is expected to complete on February 2020.