About Us

RedR Indonesia is an emerging humanitarian agency working for improving international emergency relief. RedR Indonesia is part of the international RedR network of accredited organizations, each sharing a common vision and mission.

RedR is also represented in the UK, India, Australia, Sri Lanka, America and Malaysia. We adhere to the following values adopted by RedR International:


Humanitarian: We believe in the provision of humanitarian assistance to people wherever it is needed to alleviate suffering and uphold basic human rights.

Professional: Our staff, members and partners are professional people committed to providing high quality training and expertise in disaster relief and rehabilitation.

Impartial: We work with people regardless of race, religion, sexual or political affiliation.

Inclusive: We believe that partnerships with individuals, other organizations and communities promote creative and fruitful initiatives.

Impact: We believe that people in communities and aid agencies should be empowered to develop skills for immediate and future disaster response.

Respect: We believe people affected by disasters can and should be empowered to contribute to relief, rehabilitation and development efforts.

RedR Indonesia adheres to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement/NGO Code of Conduct and is committed to the principles of RedR International.


A world in which sufficient, committed, and competent personnel are available and responding to humanitarian needs.


Alleviate the suffering caused by disasters by selecting, providing training, and providing competent personnel who are committed to carrying out humanitarian work/programs around the world.

Increase the capacity and professionalism of disaster response actors in Indonesia, by:

  • Providing high quality, balanced, and up-to-date disaster training
  • Building a network of disaster response actors who are competent and committed and ready to be placed anywhere in responding to disasters.
  • Providing consultancy to increase capacity, competence, and response speed in the field of disaster
  • Facilitating coordination of disaster response from the field level to higher levels as needed