RedR Indonesia is an accredited member of the International RedR Federation which supports humanitarian actions through capacity building activities.

RedR Indonesia’s main programmes comprise of training, rosters, and technical assistance for humanitarian responders to improve the quality of their services.

The concept of RedR Indonesia emerged from emergency responders to the 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake who saw the needs for an international standard training and capacity building organisation in Indonesia. In March 2016, RedR Indonesia Foundation was formed as part of the International RedR Federation, with other members in the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Malaysia and the United States.

The RedR Indonesia Foundation is based in Yogyakarta and work nationally and internationally.


A world in which sufficient, committed, and competent personnel are available and responding to humanitarian needs before, during, and after humanitarian emergency


Alleviate suffering due to disasters by providing trainings, selecting and deploying competent and committed personnel for humanitarian programmes.