Manage a number of humanitarian training that addresses the need for capacity building in various sectors of humanitarian response


  • Essential Humanitarian Practice
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training
  • Training of Trainers


  • Sphere in Humanitarian Response
  • Managing Projects and People in Humanitarian
  • WASH in Emergency
  • Education in Emergency
  • Child Protection, Mental Health, and Psychosocial Support


  • by request from users


RedR Indonesia’s Roster provides selected and trained technical experts with a wide range of competencies to deliver humanitarian assistance and support to the affected communities and authorities in preparedness, disaster risk reduction, emergency response, recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction when and where needed.

Technical experts in the Roster are accessible by Indonesian government agencies, United Nations agencies, national and international non-governmental organisations, and private sectors to support their humanitarian response programme.

Technical Assistance

Assist partner organisations to improve the quality of service at every stage of the humanitarian program management cycle.