What is Roster?

RedR Indonesia’s Roster provides selected and trained technical experts with a wide range of competencies to deliver humanitarian assistance and support to the affected communities and authorities in preparedness, disaster risk reduction, emergency response, recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction when and where needed.

Technical experts in the Roster are accessible by Indonesian government agencies, United Nations agencies, national and international non-governmental organisations, and private sectors to support their humanitarian response programme.

Deployment Process


  • At the onset of a disaster emergency, organisation requesting Roster is to submit a request for surge capacity support along with the scope of work/ TORs to RedR through RedR’s Roster website.
  • Roster members with competencies required confirm their availabilities for selection and quick deployment
  • RedR notifies the selected Roster Members and ensures that all administrative requirements and travel arrangement completed.
  • Roster Members immediately prepare themselves for assignment to disaster affected areas.


  • Prior to conducting the tasks, deployed Roster members receive briefing and directions by the user organisation and RedR.
  • Roster members perform prescribed duties and work closely with the user organisation
  • Monitoring and evaluation of duties and the wellbeing of the Roster members are conducted by user organisation and RedR.


  • Roster members completing assignment fulfilled performance evaluation

Range of Competencies  

The competencies of Roster members include:  

  • Coordination
  • WASH
  • Education
  • Nutrition
  • Shelter
  • Logistics
  • Protection and Inclusion
  • Project Management
  • Information Management
  • Public Health
  • Information and Technology
  • and others competencies required by partner organisations

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