Seven Years of RedR Indonesia

Latest Newson March 16, 2023

The 3rd of March this year signifies the seventh year of the presence of RedR Indonesia. Seven years of an exciting moment to collaborate with all our partners from the communities, the humanitarian and disaster management practicians, the NGOs, the UNs, the government agencies, and the academicians. The good collaborations we had in the last year confidently have resulted in the productive deliveries of a broad range of capacity buildings, the deployment of the competent individuals from our Roster, and the implementation of the technical projects. RedR would like to sincerely thank to all of you who have contributed to the making such a fruitful partnership.

So many supports have also been extended by our RedR’s colleagues, the Boards, and the Federation that motivate us to further our work and to serve for better humanitarian assistance. We certainly would also to thank to you for the great jobs.

We realise that there is still lots of challenges ahead in the humanitarian and disaster management sector to address collectively which require a good cooperation and partnership. RedR is looking forwards to continuing our positive collaboration to jointly reduce disaster risk and to create more impacts in the people’s life.


Benny Usdianto

Director of RedR Indonesia