Workshop on Displacement and Protection Preparedness

News & Publicationon November 19, 2019

RedR Indonesia, in collaboration with BPBD Sleman, FPRB DIY, and UNICEF Indonesia, held the second workshop in Sleman District on Monday 11 November 2019 in order to continue the process of updating the Merapi Contingency Plan. This second workshop was held to ensure the displacement and protection preparedness elements will be accommodated within the main tasks and function of Regional Government Organization (Organisasi Perangkat Daerah). Additionally, it is expected that the children protection and needs fulfilment’s during emergencies will be integrated into the Merapi contingency plan document, which is an on-going process.

Three speakers actively engaged participants throughout each of their presentations, those are: Bapak Bambang Surya Putra M.Kom., Direktur Kesiapsiagaan BNPB – explained the system management of disaster emergency and emergency management command concerning displacement and protection; Ibu Sumarni S.Sos., Kepala Seksi Pemenuhan Hak Anak Dinas P3AP2KB of Sleman District – discussed children’s right fulfilment during an emergency which refers to the law No. 35 2014 regarding child’s protection, and also United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child; and Ibu Sri Sulandari, child-focused FGD facilitator from Yayasan SAMIN – presented the results of child-focused FGD which was held on August-September 2019. On her presentation, Ibu Sri Sulandari also emphasized one of the ideas coming from the children in the Disaster-prone Area of Merapi, that children between 15-18 years old can give a contribution as a caregiver to the younger ones during an emergency. This addition is an essential comment about participation from youth that they want and able to be empowered.

During the discussion sessions, the participants were divided into five groups: group 1 (SKPDB), group 2 (Planning), group 3 (Operation), groups 4 (Administration), and group 5 (Logistic). Each group facilitated by the technical team to discuss the tasks of each sector. Results of the discussion including agreements on the structure of Disaster Emergency Management on Command System (Sistem Komando Penanganan Darurat Bencana/SKPDB) as well as explanation of function and duties of each sector. The discussion results of each group will be included on the document of Merapi Contingency Plan of Sleman District. From the discussion process, there are several important notes that will be further discussed in the coordination meeting between the four principal partners (BPBD Sleman, Forum PRB DIY, RedR Indonesia and UNICEF Indonesia).

This workshop was attended by Region Government Organization/Organisasi Perangkat Daerah (OPD) of Sleman District, Hospitals Representative in Sleman, Polres Sleman, Kodim 0732 Sleman, Universities Representative, Children Organization, Disabled Organization, Tourism Sector Representative, and the Village Government of the Disaster-prone Area III Merapi.