Situation Report #2 Gempa Bumi di Cianjur, Jawa Barat

Publikasion November 25, 2022

Earthquake Information

Earthquake of 5.6 M on 21 Nov. 2022, 13:21:20 WIB, at 6.84 South and 107.05 East, at the depth of 10 KM with 171 aftershocks


Current Situation


  • People take spaces in open fields, no shelters, spread in different places.
  • The emergency response is hindered by rains, floods, damaged roads andthepresence of too many ‘disaster spectators’ blocking access.
  • Piles of garbages not managed.
  • Unsynchronised number of the displaceds and the damaged houses.
  • Sub-Cluster of LDP (psychosocial support service): Children begin to suffer cold due to rain and being in an open space.
  • Sub-Cluster of LDR (elderly, disability, vulnerable group): 463 adults with disabilities in 15 sub-districts.


  • Shelter Sub-Cluster: tents, mats and blankets.
  • Public Kitchen Sub-Cluster: 16 public kitchen set up serving 27.000 evacuees, still
    need 35.545 packs.
  • Sub-Cluster of KBG (gender base violence): Pampers for infants and sanitary napkins for women.
  • WASH Sub-Cluster: Clean water and temporary latrines.


  • 14 Emergency Posts set up and serves information and relief assistance, Coordination and Service Post for Children and Women Protection set up.
  • 6000 joint personnel were deployed for the evacuation and search process.
  • All relief assistance are to register at the Command Post and stored at the BPBD.
  • Short course on child safeguarding given to volunteers.


  • The Cianjur District stated to cover medical cost for all survivors.
  • NDMA (BNPB) coordinates the emergency response.
  • 193 Organisations are listed to assist emergency response.
  • 2904 volunteers under NDMA coordination assist the process of evacuation and search, assessment, distribution, and other tasks.


  • Volunteer registration via SIM BNPB:
  • Jabar quick response: +628111357777
  • Coordination of National Cluster for Displacement and Protection, standby at the main Post: Yoga Yasonta +6285322181399 and Alfian Nursandy +628118128411
  • BPBD of Cianjur District: +6281295250593
  • The leader of the HFI members who carried out the emergency response: Wahana Visi Indonesia +6282116633506

RedR Initiatives

  • RedR intends to visit Cianjur next week to offer free short course on humanitarian principles-standards and safety for responders and to conduct organisation capacity assessment.
  • In medium term to collaborate with others to promote compliance to building codes.

Contact: Benny Usdianto (+628111770633; and Catherine Pamela (+6285291429033;


  • Minutes Meeting of Shelter Sub-Cluster, 24 Nov
  • 1st Coordination Meeting of National Cluster for Displacement and Protection and its Sub-Cluster Head
  • BMKG Earthquake and Tsunami Center ( and
  • The Kapusdatin (Head of Data and Information Center) of BNPB
  • Pusdalops (Operation and Control Center) of BNPB
  • BPBD (District Disaster Management Office) of Cianjur
  • Meeting minutes from the Logistics of Sub-Cluster of Displacement and Protection
  • Human Initiative (

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