Peningkatan Kapasitas Logistik dan Dapur Umum

News & Publicationon October 21, 2022

Three phases make up the implementation of disaster management: the pre-disaster period (preparedness), the emergency response phase when a disaster strikes, and the post-disaster phase (rehabilitation and recovery). The Social Service of the Special Region of Yogyakarta is tasked with managing disasters in the Logistics Cluster and the Refugee and Protection Cluster. The existence of the Disaster Preparedness Taruna (Tagana) as the core personnel (the Social Service’s disaster management task force) cannot be divorced from this duty. The Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs established and supported the Tagana social volunteers, who are concerned about and involved in disaster management in the Social Protection sector.

A common understanding that is implemented in an integrated, coordinated manner involving all the potential of the government and the community, as well as empowering available facilities and infrastructure, is required for every disaster management effort and handling victims of natural disasters or refugees. During the rescue phase after a disaster, aid, services, protection, temporary housing, food assistance, clothing, medicines, clean water, sanitation, coaching, and empowerment are all provided without discriminating in treatment. By adapting the aforementioned issues and taking into account the emergency response handling process, which consists of:

  1. Post Management
  2. Shelter (refugee barracks)
  3. Emergency Assistance
  4. Social and Psychosocial Assistance

Therefore, as a Tagana established and supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, he must constantly enhance the speed and accuracy of duty completion. It is not surprising that the Tagana of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, inevitably has to follow the current patterns and rhythms, according to the DIY and district/city levels of the Social Service’s directions and instructions in an effort to foster and increase the capacity of their fostered people, with the principle of one command, one rule, one corps.

Through the Provincial Social and Natural Disaster Victims Social Protection Activities, Psychosocial Support Service Sub-Activities, and Disaster Victim Handling Program, Dinas Sosial of the Special Region of Yogyakarta organizes Public Kitchens and Logistics Capacity Building as support and individual capacity building in building coordination. The event was held on August 24, 2022.

RedR Indonesia took part in this activity by sharing interactive Humanitarian Story materials with the participants as part of its commitment to always improve work capability and humanitarian initiatives.

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